The Observatory was built between 1990 and 1992 by the Foundation of Szeged Observatory. Initiated by the University of Szeged (formerly JATE University), it has received generous donations from many national and local businesses, organizations, institutes and individuals. The mission of the Observatory includes scientific research, education and public outreach. These activities are conducted by the members of the astronomical research group at the University of Szeged. The group’s research interest includes stellar and planetary astrophysics, the theory of gravitation and cosmology. The main instrument of the Observatory is a 0.4 m Newtonian telescope, which has recently been improved and fully computerized. A professional CCD camera equipped with standard color filters enables the telescope for scientific research. We offer several smaller reflecting and refracting telescopes for public viewing. On clear nights, visitors may enjoy watching the Moon, planets, binary stars, star clusters and galaxies. In addition, popular lectures and computer presentations on all field of astronomy and space sciences are provided.

Head telescope in night moonlight
Observer terrace in night moonlight