Szeged Observatory

Scientific lectures

We present popular scientific talks to our visitors at every open day. The topics of these talks are chosen among the most popular fields of astronomy: the objects of our Solar System, the future of space travelling, the discovery of new worlds and many others, all of them in the interpretation of professional astronomers. Presentations are accompanied by spectacular pictures and interesting background stories; moreover, we answer all your questions with pleasure (we are happy to answer your questions during and after the presentations).

The topic of the lecture changes week by week; please, take a look on our facebook page for further information or call us on +36308390922.

Note that language of the lectures is Hungarian. We are able to provide presentations in English, but only for groups with 10 members at least (previous registration is necessary).

Constellation tour

The stars visible to the naked eye have already been organized into constellations by the ancient civilizations. Although as it turned out, there is no physical connection between their stars, the constellations remained the part of the scientific and public awareness. Our lecture guides you through the starry sky, helps to orientate via the stars, lists the most remarkable objects and tells the stories behind constellations. Moreover, we also show you these attractions with a laser pointer – making a spectacular tour on the night sky.

Attention! The sky tour with laser light is held only in case of a clear sky. In overcast weather, we are able to present a virtual night sky tour in our lecture room.

Astronomical observations

The wonders of the space are the most beautiful when we can see them with our own eyes. For this purpose, the Observatory of Szeged has several telescopes, among which the Dobsonian telescope is the most prominent with a diameter of 25 cm. Depending on the sky conditions, we are able to glimpse distant galaxies, faint nebulas and crowded star clusters, as well as the details of the Solar System bodies.

Attention! The astronomical observations are held only in the case of a clear sky.

Working in the Observatory

Have you always been interested how an observatory works? What can the astronomers do with their modern instruments? The Observatory of Szeged is a fully functionating observatory even nowadays. Our visitors can get an insight into its history and functioning with the interpretation of astronomers, who themselves have worked with the 0.4 meter "Big" telescope. In our lecture, we also present the different types of telescopes from the small amateur instruments to the state of the art technology. Moreover, anybody can get familiar with the basics of telescope optics – and may gain useful tips for future observations at home.

Opening hours

Groups can visit the observatory other days as well by prior arrangement. Contacts can be found on the bottom of the page.

We are closed in January, February and December.


Please bring your univesity ID.


H-6720 Szeged, Kertész utca, Hungary

600 meters away from the "Hatházak" stop of bus route 70.


(N) +46° 14' 12" (E) +20° 09' 31"